Feb 21, 2008

Your Own Personal Gym at Home.

Kinesis Personal Gym: a home gym made for your home This is one of the most radical and stylish looking pieces of fitness equipment I have ever seen. If you have limited space and want something that looks like a piece of furniture, you need to take a look at the Kinesis Personal Gym. It looks like a wall with a sleek looking pulley system protruding from it. Tucked behind the wall is the technology that enables you to take this pulley system from a piece of art to a fully functional gym.The cable resistance and computerized pulley system enables exercises to be done with a complete range of motion and you can vary the resistance by simply turning the digital dial in the middle of the wall. If space is an issue and price is not, the Kinesis Personal is the product for you

Feb 19, 2008

Ideal Sports Shoes

One thing sports like football, soccer, baseball, and golf have in common is that in order to play them you use shoes that have cleats in them. When you run, hit, catch or throw, those cleats can tear up the turf and make holes in the ground. Well, a German designer named Daniel Wilhelms has developed a soccer cleat that is filled with fertilizer. Called the Naturistick, the cleat releases a dose of fertilizer with every step you take. This is an interesting concept that we may see evolve into other sports as a way to insure that our playing surfaces stay green and lush. I don't know too much about them yet as the website is in German, but if you can read German then check out Daniel Wilhelms Naturistick.

Feb 13, 2008

Another Hi-Tech Sports Gadget

The RS800 has been designed for serious endurance athletes and competition runners. The system provides an unprecedented amount of feedback on body performance and enables the planning, tracking and analysis of training to an exacting level near before realized. The Polar RS800sd Running Computer is a complete system for planning, monitoring and analyzing your training. It provides an optimum combination of features for elite level athletes and their coaches. With the new Polar WearLink transmitter W.I.N.D., the Polar RS800sd? is part of the world's first integrated training system together with adidas running gear. It also comes with the new Polar s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D. for detailed speed/pace and distance tracking, and is compatible with Polar G3 GPS Sensor W.I.N.D. "If you can learn to run with a shorter faster stride in events like long distance triathlons, half or full marathons you will be more economical and consequently more likely to keep running for the entire event" says Olympic Triathlon Coach, Brendon Downey. Distance running performance is a function of fitness and running economy and there is no other running computer available that can help runners work on both these factors to anything like the level of the RS800sd. If your one of those people that doesn't like reading manuals then opt for a basic heart rate monitor because this one is so packed with tech it may take a month to learn how to use it. For more information go to POLARUSA

Feb 11, 2008

SG5 Pro - Every Golfers must have!

GPS is at it again. In my previous post GPS being used as training tool even while competing

GPS Technology touches in with golf.
Introducing the SG5 Pro by Sky Golf GPS. The company has been around for quite a few years and was one of the first companies to offer a hand held GPS device for golfers. Its important features are:

  • Patent IntelliGreen® technology enables golfers to measure the full physical features of their course.
  • Golf course maps can be easily downloaded from their website.
  • SkyGolf's advanced GPS technology is integrated with the very best Swiss engineering to provide unmatched reliability.
  • Its vibrant color display features automatic backlighting to ensure easy readability indoors and outdoors.

If you’re traveling to play golf or you want to know everything about your existing golf course the Sky Golf GPS maybe the device for you.

Feb 9, 2008

Cardio Exercise Tool

Another cool gadget that will surely be loved by anyone especially those who want to be in shape this coming summer. Introducing the X-Bike by Trixter (second picture on the left).

It’s not just any other indoor cycle; it offers a total-body workout while pedaling. It’s like pedaling a real bicycle. The X-Bike requires the upper body and core musculature to be in action while the legs do the pedaling.

That’s not all, this bike has unique patented handlebar mechanism that the rider pumps from side to side against adjustable resistance while exercising. What a nice tool to include to your cardio program.

Nintendo Wii - Sports Included!

Will the Nintendo Wii become a coaching aid for athletes? Nascar and other race car drivers use video game like simulators to study race tracks and sharpen their skills without the risk of injury from a nasty crash. There are already fitness trainers figuring out how to use the Wii as a workout tool for their clients, and coaches in other sports are starting to see the benefits of using this interactive game system as a way for athletes to sharpen their skills. Could this be the start of a new kind of fitness revolution. I think so, I can see it now you will walk into your local Gym and submerge yourself into a virtual Wii workout. Why not, we never have enough time for recreational sports and if the game world can offer some convergence and help us with our technique, preparation and fitness then sign me up. In just the short time that I have used the Wii sports game, you can see how there is quite a bit of skill involved and it is not hard to break a sweat and elevate your heart rate with any of the interactive games. With sensor technology getting better everyday the next Wii may just come with games made by the best coaches and trainers in the world, this new sports experience is bound to arrive sooner rather than later. If Nintendo does not start increasing the supply of the Wii soon adults will be fighting their kids for time on these little game systems.

Feb 3, 2008

Vibration = Strength + Power

Have you ever heard of Vibration Technology? This technology was tested and started by Dr. Nazarov in competitive sports and realized the benefits in developing strength and power.

It surely is a very useful training tool for all athletes, especially those activities fell into the categories where much physical strength is required. These machines create instability in the human body, and force the body to perform reflexive muscle contractions. The result is an improvement in force production, or strength and power. It is becoming a wellness solution for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. For athletes in any sport I think this vibration technology is the real thing and encourage you to try it out.

For more information go to

Training while in Competition - GPS monitors player's performance

GPS is mainly use on targeting specific locations globally but now its technology has gotten into the world of sports as a monitoring device.

GPS Sports, an Australian based company made a technology for coaches and athletes out there. The device allow their coaches to track how far they run, what speed and the hits athletes experience during training and during the competition itself. This helps the coaches to train the athletes independently and to track the pressure and whether injured players are fit to resume their game.

It has a "Richter" like scale that measures how greatly the activities are affecting the athletes.

The device is worn in a vest or strapped to the players back

Feb 1, 2008

Beijing Olympics - The Science of the Staduim

The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics is just a few months away (will be held on August 8 - 24, 2008 at Beijing, China).
The Guangdong National Stadium, nicknamed "Bird Nest" because of its nest-like skeletal structure. Its construction began on December 24, 2003. The Guangdong Olympic Stadium was originally planned for the game but a decision was made to construct a new stadium in Beijing. A Swiss firm,Herzog & de Meuron Architekten AG, collaborated with China Architecture Design & Research Group to win the competition. The National Stadium will feature a lattice-like concrete skeleton forming the stadium bowl and will have a seating capacity of 80,000 people. Architects originally described the overall design as resembling a bird's nest with an immense ocular—an opening with aretractable roofover the stadium. However, in 2004, the idea of retractable roof was abandoned for economic and safety reasons. The Beijing National Stadium will be the site of the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the athletics events and soccer finals. The stadium's designerAi Weiwei has since withdrawn his support for China's Olympic games, saying "he wants nothing to do with them anymore".

Jan 31, 2008

Basic Science is the "Mother "of all Technology

Bangalore: “Interest in science, as we see it, is going down, with most people going for engineering and technology-related fields. They fail to realise that basic science is the mother of all such technology,” said K.N. Shankara, Director, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, speaking at a workshop on “Indian Odyssey in Space.”
The two-day workshop was co-organised by St. Joseph’s and ISRO and was held at St. Joseph’s PG College. The programme, which aims at enriching the knowledge of students and updating them about the latest in the field of space technology, had as many as 170 students from colleges all over Karnataka.

Mr. Shankara spoke about the various types of satellites and its applications. From agricultural applications which help farmers monitor their crop with the use of remote sensing satellites to telemedicine and educational satellites, Mr. Shankara took the students on a journey through the latest in space technology applications.

P. Sreekumar, head of Scientific and Instrumentation Division, ISRO, intrigued students with his talk about the Chandrayaan, the moon mission. From imaging on the far side of moon to detecting the existence of the ground water and studying radioactive properties of moon rocks, the possibilities in this field of research are limitless, he said.

The workshop also hosts a model display where ISRO has displayed models of the satellites and launch vehicles. The exhibition uses charts and models to explain the scientific models. ISRO will also be conducting a quiz competition on space and astronomy will be conducted on Tuesday by ISRO.

Jan 29, 2008

Cell Phone Can Read Documents for Blind

BALTIMORE (AP) — Chris Danielsen fidgets with the cell phone, holding it over a $20 bill.
"Detecting orientation, processing U.S. currency image," the phone says in a flat monotone before Danielsen snaps a photo. A few seconds later, the phone says, "Twenty dollars."
Danielsen, a spokesman for the National Federation of the Blind, is holding the next generation of computerized aids for the blind and visually impaired.

The Nokia cell phone is loaded with software that turns text on photographed documents into speech. In addition to telling whether a bill is worth $1, $5, $10 or $20, it also allows users to read anything that is photographed, whether it's a restaurant menu, a phone book or a fax.
While the technology is not new, the NFB and the software's developer say the cell phone is the first to incorporate the text-to-speech ability.

"We've had reading devices before," Danielsen said, noting similar software is already available in a larger handheld reader housed in a personal digital assistant. Companies such as Code Factory SL, Dolphin Computer Access Ltd. and Nuance Communications Inc. also provide software that allows the blind to use cell phones and PDAs.

Inexpensive hand-held scanners such as WizCom Technologies Ltd.'s SuperPen can scan limited amounts of text, read it aloud and even translate from other languages.
However, the $2,100 NFB device combines all of those functions in one smart phone, said James Gashel, vice president of business development for K-NFB Reading Technology Inc., which is marketing the phone as a joint venture between the federation and software developer Ray Kurzweil.

"It is the next step, but this is a huge leap," Gashel, who is blind, said in a telephone interview. "I'm talking to you on the device I also use to read things. I can put it in my pocket and at the touch of a button, in 20 seconds, be reading something I need to read in print."
Ray Kurzweil, who developed the first device that could convert text into audio in the 1970s and the current NFB device, said portability is only the first step. Future versions of the device will recognize faces, identify rooms and translate text from other languages for the blind and the sighted.
The inventor plans to begin marketing the cell phone in February through K-NFB Reading Technology. The software will cost $1,595 and the cell phone is expected to cost about $500, Kurzweil said.

Dave Doermann, president of College Park-based Applied Media Analysis said his company is working on similar software for smart phones that could be used by the military for translation and by the visually impaired.
"We don't anticipate ours being that expensive, but unfortunately we're not quite to the release yet," said Doermann, who is also co-director of the University of Maryland's Laboratory for Language and Media Processing.

Doermann said the company, which has received funding from the Department of Defense and the National Eye Institute, hopes to have its software ready in the next 12 to 18 months.
Kurzweil's device uses speech software provided by Nuance, said Chris Strammiello, the director of product management at Nuance, who said the company has also developed a prototype reader that uses the Internet to access more powerful server-side computers.
"As you can harness the power of remote environments and do that so quickly with the Web technologies, it gives a lot more capability, flexibility and options to the way you solve these type of problems," Strammiello said.
There are about 10 million blind and visually impaired people in the U.S., a number that is expected to double in the next 30 years as baby boomers age.
Kurzweil said those with vision problems are not the only ones expected to benefit from the technology. Dyslexics, for example, are expected to be among the users of the current device because of its ability to highlight each word as it's read aloud, helping them cope with their disability, which affects the ability to read. The highlighting function can also help them improve their reading skills, he said.
"What's new here is both blind people and kids can do this with a device that fits in their shirt pocket," Kurzweil said.
Marc Maurer, president of the National Federation of the Blind, said the device and its PDA predecessor are a "form of hand-held vision" that will make the visual environment "much more readily available to the blind."

Jan 27, 2008

How Does An iPod Work? Find The Answer To How Do iPods Work And Know Your iPod

If you own or even if you do not own an Ipod, this question must surely come to your mind sometime or the other. Everyone wants to know how does an ipod work? What is the technique and logic behind the Ipod? How do Ipods work? Do they work the same way other mp3 and mp4 players work? Do they work like your pc?
Ok, so lets have a sneak peek into How does an Ipod work?
Yes, the Ipod works like your personal computer upto some extent. You can download or put data (songs, pics, etc.) onto your Ipod the way you do it in your pc. The data gets stored into the Ipod hard disk. The user can recall the data whenever he or she wishes. The Ipod is basically designed to read mp3 files related to music. The Ipod can carry hundreds and thousands of songs depending on its model. It all gets stored into the memory like the computer.
The songs in your pc in Itunes software are transferred to your Ipod through a USB cable.

The Ipod works on battery.
The Ipod battery is quite different from other batteries. It cannot be removed from the Ipod by its users. It is rechargable.

Many Ipods have a click wheel.
The click wheel is a set of buttons which work by the touch of your fingers. The Ipod's click wheel has captative sensing. It works because of the conducive capacity of your skin. There are four buttons on the click wheel which include the play and pause button, the back and forward button button and the menu button.

Now you know how do ipods works. Share it with your friends and show them that you're a techie.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kris_Malviya

Jan 25, 2008

What's not to like about tomorrow's technology?

Steve Makris , The Edmonton Journal
Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What good is the newest technology if you can't use it right now?
That's what I ask myself every time I go to a big tech show, like the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.
Big-name companies like Panasonic, Microsoft, Samsung and LG spend millions of dollars on elaborate booth displays wooing attendees with new electronics.

But the most exciting products I saw, felt and touched there are like the previews they show in movie theatres -- coming this summer, or later.
Much of this future technology was TV displays, essentially guaranteeing that in a few years you can buy a very good sub-$1,000 flat-panel screen, but if you want the latest, prepare to dish out several thousand.

Here are some cool products that Canadians can't enjoy yet. Sorry.
Panasonic's stunning Quad High Definition 150-inch diagonal screen plasma TV has no release date. It has 4,096 by 2,160 resolution, four times that of today's top 1080p displays.
It's targeted for commercial use but the closest consumer experience is buying nine 50-inch screens. That would be much cheaper than the 150-inch model.
Samsung's 2160p LCD TV (ultra-high definition) may be easier on the wallet, but it, too, is not yet for sale. There is no movie camera to match its sharpness yet, so the video I saw on it was actually a composite of four HD cameras. Was I impressed? Totally. It's the first time one can keep moving closer to a TV screen and see nothing but more picture detail. For now, the only thing consumers would enjoy on these ultra-sharp screens is showing their eight- megapixel digital camera photos.
This technology one-upmanship is the way of life in the display industry and it is not cheap.
"Essentially, Samsung, showing this advanced technology at CES, shows the world that Samsung is preparing for the anticipated needs of the future," said Andrew Dorcas, director of marketing for the company's consumer electronics division.
"Much must be done in advance to ensure those needs are met, including the R&D to manufacture and the awareness of manufacturing capabilities."

Pioneer showed its 2.5-centimetre-thick plasma prototype, with a live demonstration of its Project Kuro TV that delivers deep blacks (the way TV visual performance is rated today) that are beyond current models. The project, still clothed in secrecy, has no completion date.
LG pushed live TV, showed a cellphone using Mobile DTV-MPH technology on GSM networks. The VX9400 was streaming live HD-
quality video with picture quality to convince many that a good TV experience can be had on a small portable screen.
But according to LG Canada's Frank Lee, Canadians will not get one until 2011 when the wireless infrastructure is in place.

Microsoft showed off its version two Zune portable media player, announcing it will be available in Canada this spring with similar prices as Apple iPod models. But its online song-buying site and Zune Social network will not be available for Canadians until even "later in 2008," according to Elana Zur, Zune product manager for Microsoft Canada.
"We really wanted to focus our resources on getting the U.S. experience right before bringing it into other markets," said Zur. "You can see the progress from version one to version two that was made there with those learnings."

Zur said the further delay on the online Canadian Zune Marketplace has much to do with organizing Canadian media content.
That's not the news people like myself -- who want the newest technology now -- want to hear!

Jan 12, 2008

Web Development: Keyword Theme Principles

You have a product, idea or service in mind. Develop a sentence of less than twelve words that says the most important things you want to communicate. We'll use the title of this article as an example.

Web Development: Keyword Themes Increase Visitors, Rank Higher & Decrease Marketing Budget.

Perhaps you wouldn't think of using so many words as a base key phrase. But look at how many opportunities and combinations in which we can use these keywords without violating those vague rules of overuse otherwise known as spamming the search engine.
From this base key phrase, we have many chances to fall in the target range of the visitor looking for the content existing on our page.
Briefly, we can state some SEO understandings that are talked about in many other places and are a basis for this concept.

  • The title of the page will be the first instance in which our phrase is seen. This should not be more than 12 words long.

  • A description of the page follows, which should also lead with the key phrase words in the same order as the title.

  • Tags will be seen next, with key words presented in the same order as they are in the page title and description.

Tags and description of course can be much longer than 12 words, but should start out with the same words placed in the same order as the page title.

Think of theme the same way you do when landscaping or decorating a house. You may use the color blue, for example, in different places throughout, to tie the project together and create a unified appearance.

Images, links, tags, headings and titles can work the same way as the color blue. They present an opportunity to use the words in our key phrase, to tie our project together and present a unified appearance for both spider and visitor.

When we landscape or decorate, the color "blue" is not our entire theme. Not everything is blue, but blue would be one of the colors that we see first and often. We may not consciously think, "Blue was used in the flowers at the curb and then again in the plantings leading up to the front door, and again in the entry." However, the impression was created and we may just think, "Very nice yard."

Web Development: Keyword Themes Increase Visitors, Rank Higher and Decrease Marketing Budget

Web development, keyword themes and search engine optimization are like many other jobs we do every day. Take cooking, landscaping or decorating for instance. Perhaps you remember a popular spaghetti sauce commercial for Prego. After a character asks the cook if they have remembered to use a long list of ingredients, the cook answers, "It's in there!" This is my Prego approach to using SEO and specifically, keyword themes as a web development guideline.

In Web Development, Keyword Themes Stack the Odds in Our Favor
Don't think of the search engine as having millions of entries per keyword or phrase. Understand that there are 1,000 entries and that's it. The rest exist in a black hole in space that will not be seen in time to earn you a dollar or a visitor.

Looking at the results for any key phrase, the statistics tell us that there are, for example, 489,876,431 entries. On closer review, we can verify that 489,876,431 entries are never listed on the major engines. There are in fact only 1,000 entries listed for a search.
If you aren't in that first 1,000 of those millions of reported search engine statistics, your site has no search engine representation. That means it is impossible for anyone to find your site except those to whom you specifically give the address, totally defeating the purpose of having a web site in the first place.

The keyword theme helps us overcome the outrageous odds stacked against our sites.
Using specific search engine optimization formulas in our initial web development, we can produce several related key phrases that effectively boost our placement in search results. Not only can we be sure to be among the 1,000, using this strategy fully should get your site in the top 25 within 30 - 45 days or sooner.

Web development’s ultimate goal is to accomplish the following:
  • Inform, entertain and convert visitors
  • Attract spiders from as many engines as possible
  • Rank high in search results for a particular keyword
  • By applyting the concept of keyword themes, we can also deacrease our advertising and markieting expense
Let's use basic html to illustrate this idea, which involves making an original keyword phrase the theme that ties our images, tags, titles and links, headings, and sub webs together.

Download Free Full PSP Games

Are there really websites which allow you to download free full PSP games? Despite the fact that many appear to offer free PSP downloads you will find that over 90 percent of these websites will require a payment of some sort in order to give you access. With the PSP console gaining huge popularity most PSP gamers are now using the internet to satisfy their needs which is clearly indicated by keyword research.

I found that the phrase "download free full PSP game" was searched about 12000 times this month which obviously gives a clear indication that most PSP console owners are interested in expanding their PSP gaming collections and are reverting to the internet to avoid high costs.

When searching for PSP download websites you have to be careful as some are scams while others are legitimate. It is important to compare them and check out the testimonials as well as prices as most of these pay per download websites will offer you unlimited access to their downoads for a once off fee which is usually in the region of 25-35 dollars.

The one good thing about these websites is that the full PSP game downloads they offer are not illegal, they can be downloaded at high speeds and do not contain spyware or adware which can infect your pc. On the other hand websites which allow you to download free full PSP games are notorious for having infected files which can also be corrupted. With the internet growing larger each day more and more of these pay per download websites are entering the market to provide PSP gamers with the opportunity to get those hard to find games and movies for a low price.
PSP Wizard is a very popular choice when it comes to PSP pay per download websites. Their once off membership fee of $30 is the cheapest on the internet and their downloads are high quality.

To visit their website and check out their membership options visit the link below

http://downloadfreegameforpsp.blogspot.com - PSP Wizard Downloads

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Markus_Sampson

Jan 10, 2008

Technology Over Family?

Laptops, handy cams, digi cams, LCD screens, game consoles and the latest cell phone models and other futuristic gadgets, to name a few are now scattered in every places of metropolis around the globe. They are displayed with elegance whether in our home, offices & working places and at the electronic stalls in every malls luring the attention of those who desired to have one.

Some studies shows that spending time with your families and loved ones are being overwhelmed by our Technological Advances especially in this Age of Information and Technology.

Many people have at least one electronic gadget in their wish list they crave to have. These people often work harder in order to have one and thus it means less and less time to spend with their family. Even by the time they acquire that gadget (e.g. Nintendo wii) for themselves; either they allot time to use it or like most people’s behavior, target another one or two or those “futuristic toys”.

There’s nothing wrong to dream having one of those fun and interactive devices but always be aware that it should not be the reason to lessen your time with your family. Consider it instead as a family bonding tool. With the fast pace development in our world’s technology, we need to prepare and even anticipate what will come next. I’ve always want to have a laptop and a flat screen LCD with surround sound speaker system, and that’s my dream. What are yours?

Jan 8, 2008

Games of our Age

Do you still remember the last game you played that required your physical presence? Are you still playing it? If you are one of the youth in the so called generation X and the generation Y, I doubt it. Youths in these generations including myself have own way to spend our spare time. We call it Cybergame.

It truly is not physically demanding, we were only required to sit back, relax and let your hands and mind move to have fun. Isn't that a great way to spend our spare time? That is why so many youths were in the trend right now. There are a lot of gaming companies & game creators push their limits just to catch the taste of their players. Most of their targets are in Asia, Europe and North America. That is why we have a lot of choices to make and I, myself, experienced the feeling and excitement those different genres the cyber world can generate to its players. Building a massive virtual community that shares the same interests and goals that reflect our own distinct personality. I would like to share some enthralling experiences and own thoughts I had while playing those various genres.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG's)

The famous and the recommended type of gaming. There are a lot of exciting things you can do, in fact there's no limit on what you can do. Just don't break some moral values and online ethics to have a clean game and always remember its only an online virtual community. It truly reflects what kind of players are playing by what their characters, the virtual self of them, are doing. To keep it simple, we are the ones who are responsible in building and molding that character.

Strategy Games.

This is the type of game that has real time excitement and keeps your thinking cap on the go. The competitions here are high and it separates the dedicated player to the casual ones. Dedicated players are the ones what we called in the gaming lingo, the "pro" or professionals. Competitions are everywhere for it is the only way to experience the real essence of the game. Logic, strategies, teamwork as well as temper control and presence of mind are the factors that make one player and/or team unique.

What I can only share is always remember that its just a game and don't ever get beyond that. Learning from my experience, it has also a good positive character output that some players acquire. But as I stated, we are all unique and no one is better than another.

Jan 7, 2008

Aging Baby Boomers Influence great Technologies

The baby boomers are in their 50s and early 60s. They are accustomed to consumer goods that accommodate their interests. Not only are they looking for technology geared to their needs, but they want technology that helps them tend to their aging parents.
Add this to that the fact that the boomers are known spenders and consumers, and it's no surprise that smart technology companies are beginning to see a lucrative market, and are designing accordingly.

The Jitterbug

The Jitterbug cell phone, the brainchild of GreatCall Inc. of California, launched in October 2006. It lacks a camera, customizable wallpaper or voice-dialing capability, but it is hearing-aid compatible and has chunky, easy-to-read keys, a large screen display, straightforward command buttons, a familiar dial tone, and an operator available to help at the touch of a button.

The operators greet the caller by name, make calls when asked, provide directory assistance, and add names to a member's phone list. Jitterbug's service starts at $10 a month, has no long-term contracts and no long-distance or roaming fees. The phones come in two easy-to-use models, each costing $149.

Early this year, GreatCall won the Andrew Seybold Choice Award for Best New Company. Later, In May 2007, Arlene Harris, the company's co-founder and CEO, became the first female innovator to be inducted into the RCR Wireless News Hall of Fame.

The Ford Motor Company and Its "Third Age Suit"

Possibly one of the earlier companies to grasp the importance of catering to an aging demographic, Ford introduced a "Third Age Suit" to its engineers as early as 1999. The suit helps young ergonomics engineers feel what it's like to be 30 or 40 years older than they are.

The garment restricts the engineers' physical mobility, and simulates an older person's driving capabilities. Its bulky materials restrict movement in areas such as knees, elbows stomach and back. When the young engineers don this outfit, along with gloves that reduce the sense of touch, a headset that reduces hearing and goggles that simulate cataracts, they have new insights into the needs of older drivers.

Designed in conjunction with the University of Loughborough, the suit resembles what you get when you mate a high-tech astronaut suit with a beekeeper's protective gear.

Think to Control the Information Age

Another year have passed and soon it will be anoter year for us. As time passes by especially in this age, as some of the authors of books I've read call it the Information Age, peole were now getting more sphisticated than ever before in terms of on what they wanna do. Because of every advances our technology creates like new inventions and integrated upgrades our powerful mind creates, people's works are now getting less and less physically demanding.

I'm complimenting by saying our mind is powerful (far more powerful than any physiological aspects any humans can have) because when our mind is in control difficult things can happen and the impossible just takes a little time. Just like the old days when robots used to be considered a science fiction, robots nowadays are doing what we do. And we won't be surprised when another technological breakthroughs come in. Many are taking advantage of this God given talents in many ways whether it's on self-interest or being a charity.

Whether we're an artist, investor & businessman (especially online), computer geek or just a plain average person, anything we specialized at can be, will be and most importantly should be accompanied with the two most pwerful factors --INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY.

Some may be discouraged to get along with Information and Technology. Often you may hear from them, "It's too technical", or "I don't have knowledge about that", or "I don't have the right resources". Just as I stated earlier, our mind is very powerful when it's in control but sadly it's their emotions were in control which is normal for us to have, for we are humans. All I can justify is we do have the right resources and it's just sitting their between our ears, our brain.

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